Ladies and Gentlemen, I Present to You the Best Player in the World

Last week England were bullied in the first half and thanks to outstanding performances Japan led England 15-10 at the break.

After half-time England looked a far more confident side and that was mostly down to the presence of co-captain Owen Farrell.

Farrell’s mere presence brought England back into the game, George Ford looked more relaxed, the forwards were a completely different unit. This change proved just how important Farrell is to England.

By Pierre-Selim –, CC BY-SA 2.0,

He leads from the front, the fact his mere presence can lift England is remarkable, he manages the game expertly, defends powerfully and leads exceptionally.

England have gained back some form this autumn following a narrow victory over South Africa and narrow loss to the All Blacks despite a spirited display. Much of this is down to the leadership provided by Owen Farrell , unlike Dylan Hartley he often finishes the game and having your goal kicker making the decisions when it comes to penalties does have its benefits.

His never say die attitude is evident and you can see how much winning means to him, just seeing his reaction after Angus Gardener deemed his borderline hit on Andre Esterhuizen was deemed legal to hand England a vital win.

By Richard Allport from London, United Kingdom – England V Australia, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Farrell has such a massive effect on so many games he must surely be considered by many is the best fly-half in the world, he has the all round tactical game Beuden Barrett is lacking. His creativity has come on leaps and bounds from his early career when he was regarded as boring.

England will feel far more confident going into the World Cup with an in-form and fully fit Owen Farrell will without the influential Saracen.

Australia this weekend could be another massive step for England in what could be seen as a recovery of form which has been a difficult year so far. Owen Farrell will be starting and he should lead England to an emphatic win.